About Eurofins Consumer Product Testing in Guangzhou, China

27 September 2018

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Consumer Products Testing (CPT) division of Eurofins Scientific is proud to announce the opening of a new cosmetics clinical testing laboratory in Guangzhou.
Our brand new and ultramodern Eurofins Cosmetics Clinical Centre in Guangzhou is fully equipped and offers a broad range of clinical testing services, including cosmetics safety, efficacy studies and consumer research.

  • Size of lab: 650m2
  • Competences:
    • 15 Highly skilled and experienced technical team with in-depth understanding of local Asian markets
    • Technical support directly from our top-tier cosmetics laboratories in France and other international locations
    • Lab testing under controlled environment
    • High-end equipment
  • Services:
    • Clinical studies
      • Efficacy testing
      • Safety testing
    • Consumer Research Studies

In-vitro studies for hair care products




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