Austrian innovation & partnership seeking: Anti-stress measurements by magnetic resonnance technology by ENE

9 November 2015

An Austrian SME specialized in medical devices has developed ergometers compatible with all MR (magnetic resonance) systems. The diagnostic pedal allows the physician to measure various physiological parameters while the patient is under defined physical stress. There are various fields of application in medicine or pharmaceutical compatibility examinations. The SME seeks partners interested in license agreements and research cooperation for further development.

The Austrian SME is specialized in the development and production of highly accurate medical diagnostic pedals suitable for stress MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) of the myocardium and the musculoskeletal system. By using these advanced MRI techniques, pathological alterations can be detected during physiological stress, which may be otherwise masked and therefore underdiagnosed during rest.

The company’s products enable the investigation of blood flow, motility and metabolism as well as structural alteration of the myocardium during a defined stress. Examinations can therefore be easily performed and repeated, which make the tools extremely useful for testing therapeutic strategies.
These ergometers allow the medical practitioner to obtain information more quickly and with greater accuracy in order to pinpoint medical problems which might not be detected without physical stress.

The main diagnostic focus is the evaluation of coronary heart disease, peripheral arterial disease, muscle fatigue disorders, degenerative disorders of the joints and spine, as well as monitoring training success in athletes.

The developed MRI compatible ergometer use the most advanced technology to simulate stress in an MRI bore, to mirror routine daily situations or training conditions. Thanks to these new diagnostic tools, musculoskeletal functions can be measured dynamically. Physiological parameters are then digitally recorded to clarify symptoms in high-risk patients, geriatrics and sports medicine.

The system consists of a basic platform, which can be combined with different modules depending on the examination to be carried out. On request, the company can also develop and deliver individual solutions according to customer specifications.

The SME seeks partners interested in license agreements for international distribution and is looking for research cooperation’s for further development of the devices and the method.

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