Biotech Innovation : certify the origine of your cosmetics by identifying its unique genetic signature y DNA GENSEE

4 November 2015

DNA Gensee is a biotechnological laboratory working on plant DNA to offer you the possibility to identify the plant species that are present in your raw materials, ingredients or final products.

Such genetic analyses allow you to guarantee the botanical and geographical authenticity of the natural extracts you are using and to ensure traceability, security and quality.

DNA Gensee uses innovative molecular biological facilities allowing blind analyses on highly processed products thanks to the unique  genetic signature  of each plant. Playing a central role in a technical, scientific and botanical environment, DNA Gensee offers a complete range of services to give keys to solve your industrial problems.

Created in 2012, DNA Gensee is a pionering company specialising in the field of vegetal biotechnology. Recent progress in the field of molecular biology and the advent of next generation sequencing technologies now offer a unique opportunity to precisely identify plants species present in a wide variety of plant-based cosumer goods, from cosmetic products to food supplements or drugs. Exploiting DNA traces, DNA Gensee proposes to detect and precisely identify plant species present in the composition of analyzed substrates.

Our laboratory

DNA Gensee’s laboratory and technical equipment are completely new. Clean rooms are equied with high performance filtering and air renewal systems ensuring continual positive air pressure. Access is strictly restricted to operators wearing integral disposable overalls. In this way, the optimal working conditions mandatory to research in the field of molecular biology, especially when dealing with low DNA level samples, can be guaranteed at all times.

The DNA Gensee’s expertise

DNA Gensee’s expertise allows us to work on DNA fragments and then to perform genetic analyses on various types of products, even if highly processed. Moreover, DNA Gensee is able to work blindly, that is to say without prior knowledge of the plant species which will be identified in the analyzed products. This technology will allow you to ascertain the botanical identity, or even the geographical origin, of the plant species used in your mixtures or your complex substrates. Not only will you be able to certify the authenticity of your products, preventing adulteration or counterfeiting, but also ensure they contain no contaminating plants that could be toxic or allergenic, and guarantee the traceability of prime ingrédients or raw materials.

Metabarcoding technology is a real revolution in its own right. DNA extraction, PCR amplification and DNA sequencing using patented molecular tools (patent licence from the Université Joseph Fourier – Grenoble), enable DNA Gensee to track down even the minutest DNA traces hidden in your products. Whether it be raw materials (fresh or dried plants, ground or complete, plant extracts…), ingredients (essential or vegetable oils, butters, honeys, propolis…), finished cosmetic products (creams, gels, shampoos, emulsions…), food supplements or drugs, it is always possible to find traces of DNA fragments and to back-track to the plants that were incorporated into original substrates.

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