Cerco, French CRO in Paris, evaluates the de-asphyxiating power of anti-pollution cosmetics

20 June 2017

The harmful effects of pollution on the skin are now well known.

The air pollutants carbon monoxide especially induces cellular hypoxia. This lack of oxygen caused a slowing of the metabolism of the skin: the complexion becomes dull, the skin dries, the aging begins prematurely.

Minimize direct contacts between skin and pollutants, clean the skin to get rid of these toxic particles are ways to combat the harmful effects of pollution.

Two approaches to the CERCO allow to study the anti-pollution effects:

  • Follow Transcutaneous oxygen through the measurement of the oxygen partial pressure (TcPO2) via an electrode and a redox reaction.
  • Evaluate the cleaning power of the products with particles of carbon through image analysis.






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