Children’s cosmetics and their uses by Zurko Research

6 November 2017

When we talk about children’s skin we have to take into account that it is a thinner skin, which implies that the loss of heat and water is much greater than in an adults skin, and is chemically less acidic; the lower concentration of lactic acid and fatty acids at the surface level makes its resistance smaller to infectious and parasitic agents

In terms of their function, we find an insufficient development of defensive mechanisms: the sebaceous glands are scarce and the development of the immune system is still immature, which causes the risk of contracting infectious and inflammatory skin diseases.

At birth, babies are covered with a layer of fat called caseous vermix or sebaceous layer, which protects them in the first few days of life from skin infections and serves as a nutrient for the skin and prevents early desquamation within the womb, but which is disappearing as the baby grows. Most doctors recommend not cleaning this protective layer with soaps and soaking the baby in warm water, then massage gently and let it absorb carefully, leaving the vernix intact.

The bath during the first month is not essential, just clean with a little water the most delicate areas to get dirty. Later the bathing can be done by incorporating cosmetics, such as mild shampoo, moisturizing lotions, hypoallergenic gels.

The use of diapers causes irritations, scrapes, diaper dermatitis, infections, very uncomfortable and annoying situations for the baby, so you have to relieve and avoid this with lotions and suitable ointments, as well as use wipes suitable for the babies skin.

All these products must be tested and backed up with safety and efficacy tests, making sure that they really care and protect our baby. In Zurko research we have everything you need to support the reality of your product. Contact us!



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