CIDP at Boost Your Test: What innovations at in-cosmetics Global [Booth S81]

30 March 2022

CIDP is an International CRO providing a full suite of services ranging from preclinical and clinical testing to data management and scientific writing. With a foothold on four continents, CIDP has unique access to a multi-ethnic panel of volunteers.

It holds over 16 years of expertise in conduct of photobiology studies such as SPF, UVA, PPD, SPF+WR/VWR. In addition, CIDP recently added various variants to SPF testing -Sand Resistance, Sweat Resistance, Rubbing Resistance, Friction resistance to its catalogue of services.

CIDP also provides protocols for safety testing (phototoxicity, patch test, observational, epidemiological and consumer tests) and has a wide range of equipment like

  • Colorface,
  • Antera,
  • Primosspf
  • sand
  • uv
  • uvb
  • uva

that can help in objectively concluding on efficacy claims such as anti-acne, anti-wrinkles, pigmenting/depigmenting, whitening etc.

All the protocols at CIDP include a combination of biophysical and biochemical evaluations to objectively demonstrate the potential effectiveness of cosmetic products. Biomarkers that are evaluated include surface biomarkers as well as epidermal/dermal biomarkers (from biopsy punches).

CIDP has also developed methodologies for substantiating claims against exposome. With the help of its unique Controlled Pollution Exposure System, CIDP proposes quantified vaporization of pollutants (ambient dust, indoor dust, diesel, ozone) on the skin at controlled flux.

Additionally, the mechanism underlying exposure to blue light can also be studied using monochromatic LEDs that emits light at 415 nm (mimicking solar radiation) or at 450 nm (mimicking electronic devices). Methodologies combining in vivo (application of product on human volunteers), and ex vivo (exposure of tape strips or hair strands to exposome) are proposed.

Moreover, our Preclinical laboratory offers numerous models including monolayer cells or human skin explants. The latter is a unique model that emulates real physiology of the human skin and allows an adaptable application of test product either topically or systemically. Numerous assays can be proposed including cytotoxicity, oxidative stress, inflammation, immunostaining of key biomarkers and skin penetration assays.


Visit them at in-cosmetics: Booth S81



Head of Business Development: Vandana Mungroo Beechoo

Scientific Director: Dr. Veronique Newton



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