Claim Substantiation – How to Design and Analyse Trials to Support Product Claims by I4S

16 January 2017

A Two Day Course

Course Dates: 7th & 8th February 2017


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Who This Course Is For

This course is designed for anyone involved in designing and analysing trials to prove product claims. Whether you’re involved with consumer surveys, sensory panel testing, or product testing, we’ll show you how statistical methods can ensure that powerful marketing claims will stand up to scrutiny from the regulators.

You’ll also benefit from our lecturer’s first-hand experience of working with both the Advertising Standards Authority and Clearcast (UK Broadcast advertising). They’ll be able to advise you on what will and won’t be accepted in promotional materials.

Save time and easily find the methods and the testing suppliers to substantiate your actives and cosmetics claims.

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Save time and easily find the methods and test providers to validate your product claims.