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21 May 2015

By Cosmetikwatch®, a professional database for your competitive intelligence.
Cosmetikwatch® is a professional, innovative, reliable, reactive, efficient, simple-to-use and user-friendly database, listing the main cosmetic launches on the French market since January 2012. Six cosmetic categories are used to find in one click 300 brands, 6000 ingredients, 350 cosmetic claims and more than 5000 products listed in the database.

What types of information are available?
Cosmetikwatch® enables its subscribed users to permanently monitor the
competition and perform key-word or targeted multicriteria searches according
to the following items :

Market linked criteria : company, brand, launch date and/or period, cosmetic
category (hair products, personal hygiene, makeup, body care, skincare and sunscreen), distribution channel (natural products stores, mass market, department stores, institute/spa, online shopping, brand shop, selective perfumery, pharmacy/parapharmacy, door to door and mail order selling).

Consumer linked criteria : cosmetic target (sensitive skin, oily hair, damaged lips etc.),consumer target (baby, child, woman, manetc.) and area of application.

Claim linked criteria : principal claims (anti-wrinkles, moisturizing etc.), performed tolerance tests, « not containing/without »products and labels/awards (ecocert,cosmebio, excellence price of beauty

Technical criteria : one or several ingredients from the product’s INCI list, product type and/or formulation and packaging item (airless dispenser pump, roll-on, spray, pipette, foamer bottle etc.).

This professional database was especially made for research and development laboratories, marketing services, monitoring, manufacturers of raw materials, consultants etc.

Why subscribe to cosmetikwatch®?
Manual information processing, is very inconvenient as a great deal of time isspent on searching for information and then checking the reliability of its content and source before it can be shared. More than in other type of study, competitive intelligence falls victim to disinformation: rumours, illicit websites,etc.

Cosmetikwatch®, therefore, considers itself as the most secure and reliable source of information, saving monitoring time and increasing sharing reliability since all the elements made available are manually checked and their relevance validated by professionals in the cosmetics industry.
Cosmetikwatch® guarantees you will remain strategically positioned and competitive thanks to fast access to technical information on the latest innovations and reliable data updated in real time, irrespective of distribution
channels and cosmetic categories. Thus you will have all the necessary data for your company’s development policy, avoiding time consuming and inconvenient searches on frequently incorrect information.

Closely with Ms. Florence Bernardin and the team of Info-Inspiration, cosmetikwatch® will enable users to provide a qualitative technical monitoring of the ASIA area (Korea, Japan & China) from September 2015.

A partnership with Anne Canet-Charpentier allows you to discover Skinobs, a new web platform concerning cosmetics testing through a news Blog on cosmetics testing (laboratories, experts, instrumentation) and a search engine to identify for claims the methods, the experts and CRO.

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