Clinical photography in the beauty industry: the next level by Innofaith!

30 November 2017

Clinical photography in the beauty industry; the next level!

OBSERV®520: Essential, valuable and affordable clinical imaging!

The cosmetic beauty and aesthetic industries are very visual branches where facial appearance and especially ‘changes’ are closely monitored by both professionals and consumers. As today’s customers have high expectations; demanding a high level of ‘user-experience, premium quality services and reliable results’, the importance of clinical photography can’t be emphasized enough. Next to cosmetic development and evaluation, clinical level photography is also a useful tool in professional skin care advice, treatment planning, self-assessment and in communication & marketing.

The new, innovative OBSERV®520 can be used by cosmetic companies, brands, skin therapists, dermatologists, professionals in aesthetic medicine, cosmetic formulators, marketing experts and anyone who has an interest in objective, visible evidence, to enhance beauty business, improve client communication and marketing strategies.

OBSERV®520 brings clinical photography to the highest level to everyone in the industry:

  • Various standardized illumination conditions without environmental light interference
  • Pictures are comparable and reproducible and allow the accurate tracking of changes in the appearance of clients
  • Ability to capture facial features, landmarks and very subtle details as skin surface texture, wrinkle pigmentation and pore structure
  • Determination, evaluation and communication of efficacy of facial treatments and results (follow-up)
  • Portable and compact system, all in one carry bag
  • A full clinical image acquisition in just 30 seconds
  • Reliable, affordable and very easy to use iPad based system


OBSERV® 520 supports various clinical illumination modes

Diffuse daylight: An overall capture of facial appearance in the neutral light conditions

Cross polarized: Reveals pigmentation and vascular structures and areas of skin which are sensitized.

Parallel polarized: Highlights skin surface structures such as fine lines and pore structures and rough skin areas

UV fluorescence: Reveals the inner skin health; skin inflammations, sebaceous glands activity and pore health.

Woods mode: Visualizes areas of thinning skin and hidden pigmentation structures hidden inside the skin

For experts who are interested in studying the fundamental principles of skin optics, appearance and the effects of applied cosmetic products, Innofaith has developed OBSERV® RD:

A new digital instrumental skin evaluation technology that will boost innovation of cosmetic development

Whereas conventional imaging based evaluation technologies are limited in providing insight in the way a cosmetic product interacts with the skin of individuals. The new OBSERV® RD is especially designed to detect and explore even the subtlest cosmetic effect. It opens new pathways to explore and evaluate new cosmetic treatments by relevant photographic evidence.

The OBSERV® RD is equipped with diffuse daylight, polarized light, various UV fluorescence illumination technique modes and with an innovative directional illumination system combined with new digital imaging and processing technologies. These advanced technologies reconstruct the skin surface in 3D and thereby allow the system to interpret the light interaction with the skin to the morphology of the face.

The OBSERV® RD is a digital skin analysis system with patented technology and the following key features:

  • A fully stabilized illumination and imaging system for highlighting and digitally capturing skin features the (surface to deeper layers). It ensures pixel-perfect before-and-after reproducibility and repeatability via advanced auto-alignment technology
  • A powerful computing system that detects and visualizes cosmetic effects and product performance via:
  • facial shape, visual mapping of skin tone, pigmentations
  • visualization of facial shape without the interference of skin color shades
  • visualization of surface structures

Our expertise enables us to support you in drawing up conclusions to your study or assist you with any additional service valuable to overcome your scientific challenges:

  • protocol design
  • image analysis
  • data extraction

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