Compliant and Patient Centric Clinical Supply Strategy – Pre-Workshop – Clinical Supply Trial Supply Europe

11 November 2015

Conerences – 20 21th January 2016 – Brussels –
PRE-CONfERENCE WORKSHOP DAy: Tuesday 19 th January 2016

14:30-17:30 Workshop C:

Implement a Compliant and Patient Centric Clinical Supply Strategy With patient centricity becoming the movement for more effective clinical trials, regulation consistently being changed, and tracking becoming more of a challenge, this workshop will cover all key aspects of the clinical supply chain. Going step by step through the regulatory climate, distribution process and tracking technologies whilst revolving around the patient’s needs, this example led workshop will be a one stop shop to assess and plan a patient centric strategy.
What you will learn:
• Incorporating compliance changes and regulatory updates in to your strategy
• Planning a patient centric strategy; direct to patient shipments and retaining clinical trial patients
• how to use technologies and innovations in advanced tracking
• Incorporating patient needs in to the supply chain throughout Sascha Sonnenberg, Vice President of Commercial Operations, Marken

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