Cosmetic research and innovation: focused insights and breakthroughs by CNRS Cosmetic360

27 September 2016

Experts from CNRS and selected companies will share knowledge and illustrate through actual examples how academic research plays a key role in innovation in cosmetic sciences. The most recent results in Skin biology, delivery systems, and digital beauty will be presented, along with actual and potential transfers to the industry.

4 conferences :

– « Drug delivery systems in cosmetics: new trends and challenges», Muriel Blanzat, CNRS researcher at IMRCP laboratory, Toulouse, France

– « The skin, a sensory organ: from sensory to sensitive skin », Marcel Crest, CNRS researcher at Aix-Marseille University, France

– « A smartphone application to study rosacea flushing », Laurent Petit, Biophysics and Imaging manager at Galderma, Sophia-Antipolis, France

– « Smart beauty patent landscape », Julie Bernard, Life Sciences IP Analyst, FIST SA, Paris, France



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