Courage + Khazaka, 30 years of leadership in skin biometrology design

2 September 2016

From Cologne to the world and into space

For more than 30 years, Courage + Khazaka electronic develops skin testing devices for the global market

Often copied but never matched – due to their precision the methods and measuring devices of Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH come up to scientific standards. The broad range of application reaching from dermatology to cosmetics and research guarantees this medium-sized company a leading position on the global market since three decades.

No other human organ is as much visible from the outside as our skin. But its true condition is not easily apparent with the naked eye. Whether hydration, pigmentation or elasticity – its characteristics remain dormant under the surface. Modern technology provides a deeper view offering valid information. This technology most probably originates from „Courage + Khazaka electronic“.
This middle-sized company from the very West of Germany is not only a pioneer in the field of skin testing, but it established itself as global market leader for more than thirty years. No competitor offers such a comprehensive range of products for non-invasive skin and hair testing with such a far reaching range of application as “C+K electronic GmbH“.

There are basically two lines of products. On the one hand there are scientific skin testing devices being used in the dermatology research, in laboratories of cosmetic industry or in occupational medicine. On the other hand there are compact devices for immediate skin type testing and recommendation of products in pharmacies or beauty institutes. Those devices are easy to use, available at reasonable prices and ideal for sales promotions. The systems are modular and can be customized according to customer’s requirements. Other advantages are individual solutions with small production quantities getting also attractive for niche markets. A prompt customer service and a global network of distributors complete the portfolio.
In the founding year 1986, the first objective testing device to determine skin parameters left the Cologne-based technology experts. Thirty years later, the family-run business works with even more innovative drive than ever to develop and produce new testing methods and devices for skin and hair. Currently, those devices can evaluate more than 20 different measurement parameters. With their quality, C+K already defines scientific standards. The „Corneometer®“ for example, is considered a calibrated benchmark for the accuracy of skin humidity test devices of other manufactures. The company created with the brand name a product genre as well as the scientific term „Corneometry“.

Hundreds of studies are evidence how reliable C+K testing principles are and have increased customer references to a „who is who“ of the dermatology and cosmetic industry from more than 70 countries. Maintaining a high profile at exhibitions and congresses ensures permanent control of innovative strength with its fingers on the pulse of time. The German experts draw new ideas out of numerous research cooperations and funded projects – e.g. with the Charité Berlin or the German Centre of Aviation and Space Travel (DLR). A climax of such a technical work assignment is the use of C+K devices to undertake skin physiological measurements with astronauts at the ISS space station.

The company history is also out of the ordinary: at the beginning of 1960, the founder Gabriel Khazaka migrated from Syrian Damascus to Cologne. After his studies and working in the pharmacological industry for 15 years, he established his lifetime achievement with his business partner at this time Wilfried Courage. In 2009, Gabriel Khazaka was honoured for his long-lasting success „Professor h.c.“ as only non-scientist at the Universtity Franche-Compté in Besançon. Today, the medium-sized company employs about 40 people and is managed jointly, since the beginning of this year, with the second generation, his son Georg and his daughter Diana, after Mr. Courage left the company.

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