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10 March 2020

Consulting firm, founded in 2009, NCC NUTRITION COSMETICS CREATION SA, is your ideal partner for the creation and development of your own brand, with Swiss quality cosmetic, nutraceutical and para-pharmaceutical products.

Indeed, NCC offers all the services of scientific & regulatory expertise, product development, from industrialization to production management, and launching so that you can put all your energy into the commercial development of your products. In 2020, Anne-Sophie BONGAIN-DECOSNE impelled a new direction at NCC. Formulation Chemistry Engineer, She has been working for more than 25 years in product development and management of third-party manufacturers in the cosmetics, nutrition and para-pharmacy industries (including 5 years with Nestlé Skin Health – Galderma).

Based in Geneva (Switzerland) operating mainly in Europe and Asia, with the following areas of expertise:
Product Development: Coaching teams on projects such as formulation, scale up, implementation of consumer studies, claim research, but also on the evaluation of existing scientific files and / or products, already on the market.
Project Management: Management of teams on projects such as production transfers, the launch of new products, regulatory compliance or the implementation of new production sites, but also the preparation of sale or acquisition negotiations licenses.
Outsourcing: Assistance in the development and implementation of Sourcing and supplier and subcontractor management processes; advice and support for teams to submit and / or respond effectively to international tenders
Because of her long experience as manager and project manager, Anne-Sophie BONGAIN coaches the teams in solving concrete problems, with a view to individual and collective performance.
She is a member of the French Society of Cosmetology and the Swiss Club of Administrators.

Its added value

  • Coordination of all actors in the development and product launch chain.
  • The experience acquired in SMEs and large groups has allowed me to manage the launch of more than 100 different products ranging from day cream to structured personalization complex, at an international level.


Thus, NCC supports you for:

  • Creation and development of well-being products, requires specific skills, both scientific and regulatory. The professional requirements are similar to those used in the development of para-pharmaceutical products.
  • Scientific file constitution supporting a substantiated health argument, by an experimental and bibliographic evaluation then the establishment of an industrial production are all elements necessary for the success of a product.

Thanks to its partners allowing:

  • Access to a range of manufacturers in Switzerland and abroad, with a dimension adapted to the project
  • Control of the supply of raw materials, packaging and manufacturers
  • Scientific and regulatory expertise for marketing
  • Obtaining certifications or labels, needed for commercialisation

Anne-Sophie Bongain-Decosne
Avenue de la Praille, 45
1227 Carouge – Geneva – Switzerland
tel: + 41 (0) 22 548 07 53



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