ElastiMeter A unique device for quantitative skin elasticity measurements from Delfin Technologies

2 June 2015

Skin elasticity is one of the key parameters for skin care industry when anti-ageing products and applications are developed and validated.

To meet the needs from the personal care industry, Delfin Technologies has launched a novel indentation-based method to measure skin elasticity.

The new portable Delfin ElastiMeter eliminates alterations to skin structure present with conventional devices. Repeated measurements at the same site are now possible. The ElastiMeter consists of a 0.3 mm length indenter, a reference contact plate and built-in force sensors.The indenter imposes a constant deformation into the skin during a brief skin contact.

When the reference plate is in good contact with the skin the sensors register the deformation-related forces to determine skin stiffness, which is called here instant skin elasticity (ISE). ISE is measured within one second.

The ElastiMeter displays the instant skin elasticity as the only skin elasticity instrument in quantitative SI-unit of N/m (Newton per meter). The ElastiMeter is a scientifically validated instrument for quantitative elasticity measurements during product development and for claims validation. The ElastiMeter is a requested tool for better elasticity measurement both in-house studies and trials of the contract research organizations.


For more information,please send email to info@delfintech.com or send a message via Delfin’s website www.delfintech.com

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