EvaTHERM a new non-contact infra-red camera to evaluate thermal changes on the skin by EOTECH

1 February 2016

The EvaTHERM system has been designed to analyze thermal distribution and changes on the skin due to non-con­tact infrared measurements to evaluate the efficacy of cosmetic, dermatologic and aesthetical products and treatments.

Compact, the infrared camera can be integrated on any of our positioning benches and thermal images can be uploaded into our AEVA software. The EvaTHERM software can track specific areas and give statistical deviation, tracks hot and cold spots, provides profiles, distributions and many other characteristics.



•  Follow up erythema processes
•  Follow up inflammation processes
•  Thermal distribution analysis
•  Follow up hots spots
•  Before / after comparison



•  Images or video mode
•  Automation of data processing
•  Multi-zones on face or any part of the body
•  Simple to connect USB ready
•  Can be driven by our AEVA-Software


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Produt sheet EOTECH.EvaTHERM.EN





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