Facial skin analytics company providing multiple Apps for Artificial Intelligence via Cosmetics Design Europe

11 January 2016

Artificial Intelligence is fuelling disruptive innovation in the personal care industry
By Deanna Utroske, 04-Jan-2016

In what’s being billed as the ‘first beauty contest judged by robots’ Beauty.AI and its partners are crowdsourcing facial imaging data that will be used to set a new course for anti-aging and skin care. Youth Laboratories is behind the Beauty.AI site and is currently soliciting funding for a related app—RYNKL—on Kickstarter. According to the company’s bio on that site, “[Youth Laboratories’] goal is to become the largest facial skin analytics company providing multiple Apps for high-demand applications.”

Selfies for science

In the same way that consumer genetics companies in and beyond the beauty industry gather data for use in product development and research, the Beauty.AI app is capturing visual and anecdotal data on skin from millions of users globally.


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