How claims legislation impacts ingredients suppliers by Theresa Callaghan via Cosmetics Business

30 March 2016

24-25 may – Brussels –  This year at the Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit, Dr Theresa Callaghan from Callaghan Consulting International, Germany, will discuss what manufacturers should be aware of in terms of expectations from their ingredient suppliers, what needs to established when sourcing and what to consider when substantiating a claim. Below Callaghan outlines the presentation in brief…

The EU Cosmetics Claims legislation has been in force for three years with varying degrees of compliance across brands and companies selling into the EU. Discussions have highlighted issues with regard to interpretation, risk and the confusion about what is required in order to meet compliance — with many brands, especially smaller ones, still ‘winging-it’ on their way to market.

The criteria of the legislation cannot be viewed in isolation — they are inextricably linked. Claims cannot be considered legal unless they are truthful. Truthfulness requires evidence. Evidence is also linked to honesty. Honesty requires fairness, which itself leads to informed decision making and ultimately a satisfied consumer.

In a nutshell, the legislation states that: “In labelling, making available on the market and advertising of cosmetic products, text, names, trade marks, pictures and figurative or other signs shall not be used to imply that these products have characteristics or functions which they do not have. It shall apply to any claim, irrespective of the medium or type of marketing tool used, the product functions claimed and the target audience.” In brief, it means it’s best to tell the truth…

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