Hydration measurment by Epsilon from Biox

8 June 2015

SCC – New York – December 2014

Wei Pan, Xu Zhang, Elena Chirikhina & Perry Xiao
Faculty of ESBE, London South Bank University, 103 Borough Road, London SE1 0AA, England
Biox Systems Ltd, Technopark Building, 90 London Road, London SE1 6LN, England

Capacitive silicon fingerprint sensors, originally designed for biometric applications, have shown potential for contact imaging of skin properties including hydration, micro-relief analysis and solvent penetration measurements.

The poster will describe a study of skin hydration measurement using a commercial contact imaging system, the Epsilon (Biox Systems Ltd, England). The Epsilon differs from other such systems (SkinChip, L’Oréal, France; MoistureMap, CK Technology sprl, Belgium) in its calibrated, linear response to near-surface dielectric permittivity. The linear response is important because hydration is linearly related to permittivity. The calibration ensures consistency from instrument to instrument and from time to time.

The study includes a correlation with comparable Corneometer (Courage + Khazaka GmbH, Germany) readings and a detailed description of how the contact images can be captured and processed to reduce systematic measurement errors associated with native, non-linear fingerprint sensor response, inconsistent contact, hair, micro-relief, wrinkles and surface water from imperceptible perspiration.

Download the poster.

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Biox Systems Ltd
Technopark Building
90 London Road
London SE1 6LN

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