Lancaster’s Full Light Technology targets 100% of the sun’s spectrum via Premium Beauty News

3 May 2016

Lancaster broadens the spectrum of sunscreens – 2 May 2016

Lancaster, a leading premium skincare brand, is celebrating its 70 anniversary with an innovative claim: to protect the skin against the entire sun’s spectrum.

Born under the sun of the French Riviera in 1946, Lancaster is celebrating its 70th birthday this year. On this occasion, the brand is raising the bar on sun protection with the introduction of Full Light Technology.

In 2012, the brand had already completed the traditional protection against UVA and UVB by a protection against infrared radiation; a key factor of skin’s premature aging. Lancaster – a brand of the Coty Group – is now addressing the entire solar spectrum.

UV rays represent less than 10% of the sun’s rays, while Infrared rays and visible light represent over 90% of the sun’s radiation and can reach the deepest layers of the skin, accelerating premature aging. Despite this, traditional sunscreen’s only offer UVA and UVB protection,

explains the brand.


To address this issue, Lancaster’s Full Light Technology targets 100% of the sun’s spectrum by simultaneously absorbing, reflecting and neutralizing the different waves in the light spectrum, thus minimizing their harmful effects on the skin.

Lancaster’s Full Light Technology features a patented combination of UV filters to absorb UVB and UVA rays, along with the visible light in the solar spectrum, and a reflective complex, made of ruby powder and Bioactive Glass spheres, that reflects each wavelength and thus forms an invisible shield on the skin’s surface.


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