Lipotype services: Lipidomics for support of anti-pollution and anti-aging claims

18 January 2017

The advent of shotgun skin lipidomics allows quick identification and quantification of human stratum corneum and sebum lipids sampled via tape-stripping. For the first time, the influence of pollutants as well as age on a large number of skin lipids of could be investigated on hundreds of samples within just weeks.

Lipotype Shotgun Skin Lipidomics routinely covers 16 individual lipid classes (all 12 ceramide sub-classes, di- and triglycerides, cholesterol and cholesterol esters) on the level of lipid species (e.g. TAG 54:0;0) or subspecies (e.g. AS 10:1;2/16:0;1). In skin samples Lipotype typically discovers and quantifies 150 – 250 individual lipids.

Lipotype uses Shotgun Lipidomics Technology without time consuming chromatographic separation of lipids before analysis. Lipotype Shotgun Lipidomics Technology is highly reproducible, with the median coefficient of variation for quantified lipids 7.4% and 86% of all lipids having their CV lower than 15%.


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