MS Phylogene: Mass spec proteomics to track oxidation and PTMs

19 April 2016

A new way for skin oxidation investigation. Starting with strips which were UV irradiated,  LC-MS/MS allowed to investigate the main methionine oxidation sites which were then targeted by MRM methods (1). This approach shows the interest of the method for studying oxidation in a targeted or untargeted way for cosmetics, after skin stripping .

Of course, it may be used to study other modifications like post-translational modifications (2).

With MS-Phylogene, you can also characterize the oxidation and understand the effects of your anti-oxidant product.

High-resolution nano LC-MS/MS quantitative proteomics and CORAVALID™ data processing: The efficient tool for discovery

High-resolution MRM nano LC-MS/MS quantitative proteomics: The efficient tool for follow-up

(1)UV irradiation-induced methionine oxidation in human skin keratins: Mass spectrometry-based non-invasive proteomic analysis. Lee SH and all. 2016.

(2)Current strategies and findings in clinically relevant post-translational modification-specific proteomics. Pagel O. and all. 2015.



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