12 October 2016

Lipidomics in cosmetics

Skin is the largest human organ, keeping in what is inside and keeping out what is outside. Its condition not only affects our health but also our well-being and how we feel and look, making skin the primary target for cosmetics.Skin functionality and physiology, as the major body barrier, is a derivative of the structure and the composition of its topmost layer, the stratum corneum, where brick-like corneocytes are sealed together in dense meshwork with the natural mortar – lipids. Recently launched skin lipidomics by Lipotype provides lipid analysis of a broad coverage of stratum corneum and sebaceous lipids.

The analysis routinely covers 16 individual lipid classes (including all 12 ceramide sub-classes, but also triglycerides or cholesterol esters), which are absolutely quantified. Lipotype uses Shotgun Lipidomics Technology without time consuming chromatographic separation of lipids before analysis. The method is compatible with the easiest and the most convenient for subjects skin sampling method – tape stripping.

With such tools it is now easy to investigate how the healthy skin lipidome is composed, how it changes in diseases or upon intervention with a drug or a cosmetic product. This lipidomic data can be used for cosmetic claim support, topical drug development and efficacy testing. Read more about Lipotype Skin Lipidomics.

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