Philips SkinProfile offers women state of the art diagnostic equipment to measure the biophysical properties of their skin

30 November 2015

September 3, 2015

Personalize your skincare routine to suit your skin’s needs with the Philips SkinProfile and VisaPure Advanced

Device to measure the levels of hydration, sebum, elasticity, pores and wrinkles in the skin.

Berlin, Germany – At this year’s Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA), taking place in Berlin, Germany, from September 4-9, Royal Philips of the Netherlands (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) is presenting innovations that empower people to live healthier lives across the health continuum, from healthy living to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and home care. Philips SkinProfile and VisaPure Advanced is a solution for women who want to buy products that are right for their unique skin, but are unsure about their skin type and needs.

Women want to have healthy and radiant skin, now and in the future, and are always looking for the best products for their needs. Every woman’s skin is beautiful and unique, meaning it requires different skincare products and routines to get the best results. Eighty per cent of women are wrong about their skin type and given the amount of choice women are faced with for beauty products, it’s no surprise that research has shown that 70 per cent of women are not sure about the skincare products they choose1. Philips is the first electronics brand to go a step further, by not only assessing the skin, but by also personalizing the product based on a women’s skin type and needs. The new in-store, Philips SkinProfile skin assessment and personalization device takes women through three stages of assessment and personalization to tailor their skin care routine, so it works specifically for their skin type.

A simple 15-minute assessment with Philips SkinProfile uses state of the art professional diagnostic equipment to measure the levels of hydration, sebum, elasticity, pores and wrinkles in the skin. It then takes an image of the face to assess the skin’s texture and pigmentation. This, along with a questionnaire to determine lifestyle and skin concerns, gives women a deeper understanding of what their skin needs and allows them to get personalized advice on their unique skin concerns.

Following an in-store skin assessment with the Philips SkinProfile, the beauty advisor will provide women with a personalized recommendation about the skincare routine that best suits their needs and skin type, for daily and weekly cleansing and care from the wide range of Philips skincare products available. This includes the brush heads and most suitable setting to use for their skin type when cleansing with Philips VisaPure Advanced with SkinUnique personalized settings, as well as the accompanying heads; Revitalizing Massage for a relaxing massage and Fresh Eyes for fresh bright eyes.

Thanks to the intelligent NFC (Near Field Communication) tag in the attachments, the beauty consultant will personalize the selected attachments based on the results of the skin analysis. Each attachment will be programmed with a personalized DualMotion program – a dedicated combination of rotation, vibration and duration – to meet women’s specific skin type and needs.

Personalized programs, developed with European and Asian skin experts, are available to meet women’s skin needs, to enable them to care for their skin and look healthy and radiant every day.

“Personalization is a huge trend right now, so we know that women want to buy products that are right for their skin. Choosing the right products is tough from the array of options available on the market, especially when research shows that 80 per cent of women are wrong about their skin type1,” says Rianne Meijerman, Business Leader Beauty, Personal Care. “With the new Philips SkinProfile, women have the ability to understand their skin better and tailor their beauty routine so that they can be confident their skin will glow.”

Women will be able to access their skin assessment results, their recommended routine and products on

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