PYCR1 a prime target for anti-wrinkling treatments for common disorders related to ageing from Cosmetics Design USA

9 January 2016

by Andrew McDougall+, 15-Oct-2015

Maintaining skin youthfulness could be possible through targeting enzymes after it was found that the mutation of a novel protein results in a rare premature ageing condition, and this could shed light on the underlying Protein causing ‘wrinkly skin syndrome’ could be key target in anti-ageing developments

Scientists from Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)’s Institute of Medical Biology (IMB) found that the P5CS protein mutation results in the skin ageing condition, and that this can also shed light on the underlying mechanisms of skin ageing, leading to a targeted skin rejuvenation products. Given the size of the global anti-ageing market, this area is a key focus for cosmetics companies, and this discovery identifies a novel target for the development of wrinkle-defying treatments, and improvement of the skin’s self-renewal capacity and youthful appearance.

“By looking at rare disorders, we have successfully identified proteins critical to normal skin ageing. This discovery has opened up new possibilities in the fields of skin and ageing research, with crucial clinical implications,” says Professor Birgit Lane, Executive Director of IMB.

“We will continue to explore rare diseases with the dual aims of changing the lives of rare disorder patients, and improving the scientific understanding of common conditions to help the general public.”



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