Renée Rouleau Skin type guide by LosBeauty

2 November 2015

Gone are the days of basic skin typing, as I have just discovered the Renée Rouleau Skin type guide which may be the best thing ever when it comes to understanding what type of skin you have. Who’s excited?! I know I am.

Ok, so, if you are just entering the beauty world, you may be asking yourself; “Renée Who?” But don’t worry, I have got you covered, and after today’s post you’ll never have to not-know who Renée Rouleau is and why she is such a skincare genius.

Renée Rouleau is a Hollywood celebrity esthetician and skincare expert with 15 years of experience discovered that the industry in which she worked did not cater to the needs of every client (one of such clients is the gorgeous albeit understated actress, Jessica Lucas). Prior to Renée’s entrance into the skincare industry, a one-size fit-all approach was employed which meant that only basic skin types were catered to. This gap motivated Renée to formulate her extensive skincare product line designed for nine skin types that ensure that every person who fell under a different skin type was properly catered to.

Now, even if you may not have the budget to purchase some of Renée’s high-end skincare products (at $80 a pop), you can still have access to her skin type guide which call really help you understand the various skin types and even take her skin type quiz to ascertain what type your skin falls under.

You bet I took the test, and I was diagnosed as having type 4 Combination skin prone to occasional breakouts. I had already sensed that this was my skin type before taking the quiz, but the great part about the test is that she recommends products that are tailored to your skin type. In my case lots pf BHA’s and natural healing ingredients like Willowherb and Elderberry. I particularly loved this skin type quiz because of how thorough the assessment process is. It takes into consideration one’s age, skin tone, living environment, skin practices, lifestyle practices, skin routine preferences, skin concerns etc, just amazing.

I hope you find it as useful as I did. Fair warning, this may easily be the most comprehensive skin type guide you have ever seen in your life. Thank me later.

  • Skin Type 1
    Oily / Clogged Pores / Severe Breakouts All-Over
  • Skin Type 2
    Oily / Combination / Occasional Breakouts
  • Skin Type 3
    Oily / Combination / Sensitive / Consistent Breakouts
  • Skin Type 4
    Oily / Combination / Sensitive / Occasional Breakouts


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