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25 April 2016

What are the tasks proposed by Sens’ib?

Overall, Irène Bacle can become your transition Manager advising you in setting up a team dedicated to sensory measurements within a Department of R & D, according to your development strategy: it helps you to identify your needs, size your team depending on your budget and the time limits for implementation; it helps you to identify the right partners and surround yourself with the necessary support trades. In connection with a junior leader of the team, she provides training in the profession of sensory analyst and guide the training of test panels adapted to the products. Over a short period, from 3 to 6 months, she guides you in the implementation of the premises, in the recruitment of staff adapted to the profession and its training in the recruitment and training of the panels, in perfect link with the laws and existing good practices.
In a timely manner, Irène Bacle can advise you:
– in the selection tests internalized or out sided, in an alternative way of instrumental / sensory / clinical by the analysis of the proposed protocols;
– in the implementation of test consumers in France and worldwide: targets, panels,
questionnaires, data collection;
– in discriminative, descriptive, hedonic laboratory methodologies or in real conditions of use (adapted panels, product distributions, updating in the questionnaire forms, test protocols, data collections, …);
– in the panels’ training;
– in the analysis of test results, descriptive and comparative statistics;
– in showing the results for the client recovery and marketing offices;
– in the analysis of the same product competitors;
– in Congress and regulatory monitoring.

By contacting at Sens’ib, you will find expertise, listening, responsiveness and flexibility of execution, in good price and schedules. Sens’ib will be able to advising you in many areas, such as

  • Food
  • Cosmetic
  • Health, nutrition and hygiene
  • Textile
  • Sports
  • Packaging




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