SYRES allows you to carry out exploratory studies through consumer testing

3 June 2019

If consumer tests help to evaluate the appreciation of your products, we also help you to better understand consumers.

What are their real expectations, their purchase motivations, how do they really use your products?

We combine exploratory sessions with our consumer tests.

Our last foundation study:

Before the Use test, we identify:

  • The motivations of women in choosing their foundation.
  • How do they apply it (method, routine, gesture)?
  • Which texture, shade, result are they looking for?
  • What is their immediate feeling when discovering the product?

During the Use test, we evaluate in particular:

  • The immediate feeling at the discovery of the foundation.
  • The immediate feeling after the 1st application of the foundation.
  • The make-up result obtained compared to the usual result.

This method allows to categorize the panelists and the different tested foundations as soon as their 1st application.

Thanks to this innovative protocol, our customers can better understand consumers desires and expectations and can improve their claims.



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