TEDD Tissue Engineering for DD

19 October 2016

History and mission

TEDD ( Tissue Engineering for Drug Developemnt and Substance Testing) was established together with the introduction of 3D cell cultures technologies to the wider audience. The center aims at fostering 3D cell culture approaches for drug development, personalized, regenerative medicine and basic science, contributing actively to key technology development and translating in vitro assays into predictive tests of clinical and pharmaceutical relevance. In order to maximize the success, cooperation of partners with complementary skills – academia, industry (in particular biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medtech and cosmetics companies) and clinics is required. TEDD community strengthen the research and business location of Switzerland and Europe by responding to key medical, pharmaceutical and societal demands. By routine application of 3D tissue models, the 3Rs initiative will be implemented by reducing, refining and replacing animal experimentation.


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