In the US, Test providers strive to prove a product’s efficacy for consumer confidence by Happi

27 October 2015

Tried & True – By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor – Published October 1, 2015

Great claims can provide a big boost to product sales, but claims also require testing, one of the best and most reliable methods for highlighting what consumers love about a product—or for discovering potential hidden problems and avoiding multi-million dollar mistakes.

If your claims are stellar, you’ve got the right marketing tools to move forward with a big splash, according to Denise Herich, co-founder and managing partner at The Benchmarking Company.

“This gives your consumer the all-important proof that buying the product is the right move for them, because they’ve read the claims from women like them,” she told Happi. “Brands that set themselves up with powerful feedback from a beauty product test run by a trusted third-party testing organization are as ready as possible for any outcome.”

Executives from leading testing service companies in the industry took time to Q&A with Happi about the latest trends. Here’s a look at what they had to say about technologies and consumer demand in the marketplace. A directory of testing service provides follows this feature on p. 60.

Happi: What have been the main service requests/jobs your company is seeing over the past year in terms of or personal care care/cosmetics testing? Is this different in any way? If so, how so and what do you think is behind it?

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