Testing of “acoustic beauty care” by Shiseido from Cosmetics Design Europe

25 January 2016

Could music affect your skin care experience? Shiseido thinks so…

By Andrew McDougall+, 21-Jan-2016

Shiseido has sought to make skin care techniques and treatments ‘even more enjoyable and beautiful’ by developing Omotenashi Sound, aesthetic music software that enhances the power of touching the skin, in what the firm calls ‘acoustic beauty care.’
By introducing this sound when treating the skin, the Japanese firm says it will deepen the hospitality and experience provided by its beauty consultants.
The Shiseido Omotenashi Sound is composed based on the movements of touching the skin by combining ‘comfortable rhythms’ with ‘the sound of water droplets, and will be available on mobile tablets used by the firm’s consultants when treating customers.

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