The 12 signs Of Age Perception by Oriflame’s Studies

15 December 2015

“By understanding what drives age perception, we’ve been able to create anti-ageing skin care solutions that target the signs that really matter.”

What were the key findings of the study?

The study revealed 23 principal signs of skin ageing, of which 12 have the biggest impact on how old you look. Interestingly, the importance of these 12 signs differed amongst different ethnicities. For example, skin tone is considered particularly ageing amongst Asian women, with skin dullness and hyperpigmentation having the biggest influence on age perception.

Although uneven skin tone was ageing amongst Caucasian women, wrinkles – particularly around the eye and forehead area – have the biggest impact on age perception. Sagging skin was also found to affect perceived age amongst this group of women, who tend to experience sagging around the mouth and jawline earlier than other ethnicities.

The 12 signs Of Age Perception 

  1. 1. Localised Redness
  2. 2. Darker Skin Tone
  3. 3. Uneven Skin Tone
  4. 4. Lack of Radiance
  5. 5. Large Pores
  6. 6. Under-eye Wrinkles
  7. 7. Rough Skin
  8. 8. Crow’s Feet
  9. 9. Furrow Lines
  10. 10. Upper Lip Wrinkles
  11. 11. Forehead Wrinkles
  12. 12. Nasolabial Sagging or Smile Lines


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