The bioelectronic nose ready to change the face of fragrance by Cosmetic.Design Asia

25 September 2015

By Deanna Utroske, 24-Sep-2015

Researchers at Seoul National University constructed a nose device with sensors that can smell in much the
same way humans do. It’s a technology with implications for many industries, not the least of which is perfume.

The researchers first published their work about the nose late last year in the Elsevier journal Biosensors and
Bioelectronics. And, the scientific community remains interested, with running an item about the technology just this month.

Scientists, Manki Son, Dong-guk Cho, Jong Hyun Lim, Juhun Park, Seunghun Hong, Hwi Jin Koe, Tai Hyun Parka, toldthat publication,“A smelling device could be very useful for the smell industry, such as perfume, cosmetics, wine and coffee.”

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