The Skin Colour Continuum by Business beauty

22 June 2015

Business beauty.

There is extensive variation in pigmentation between different human populations; measurements of skin colour in subjects throughout the world reveal a continuum of colour, ranging from the very lightest to the very darkest.

1: Skin colour varies within the same ethnic group

Researchers established six skin colour categories [1]
by measuring the facial colour of 8,452 women living in different geographical regions. This study demonstrated the diversity of skin colour and the range of variations. This classification of the skin colour of women
living in different geographical regions provides an overview of the diversity of skin colour worldwide. It shows that a given ethnic group is not
characterised by one specific colour. For example, the different Caucasian skin types in France, the USA and Russia are fair, intermediate
and tan. Women of African origin in France and the USA have tan, brown or dark skin. Hispanic women have a wide range of skin colours, from
fair to brown. In Japan, Korea and China, skin is fair to intermediate, while in India, it ranges from fair to dark.

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