L’Oréal finds new method to evaluate efficacy of dispensing systems to avoid contamination via Cosmetics Design usa

17 December 2015

By Andrew McDougall – 17-Dec-2015 –

L’Oréal research, carried out with Ghent University in Belgium, has identified a new protocol for evaluating the efficacy of some dispensing systems in the microbial protection of water-based preservative-free cosmetic products. As the cosmetic industry increasingly focuses on developing preservative-free products, the packaging system plays a crucial role in protecting its content during use.

The study, published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science , developed an experimental test method to address three major issues relating to content protection, dose protection, and to afford a possible objective comparison between different systems.The proposed protocol discriminates between different packaging systems and provides information on strong and weak features of certain types of packaging and their dispensing technology, prone to efficiently decrease either the dose contamination or to prevent contamination in reaching the contained product.

This means that this new method can contribute to an objective selection of a packaging system for protecting a cosmetic product with a low content of preservative or preservative free; particularly with a strict distinction between content protection and dose protection properties.



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