Personalization Drives Beauty’s Future: L’Occitane’s Duolab and Revieve Launch Online Skin Diagnosis Tool via Personal Care insights

10 October 2022

09 Jun 2022 — With the COVID-19 pandemic popularizing digital beauty solutions, L’Occitane Group’s start-up brand Duolab has launched its Online Skin Diagnosis tool in partnership with Revieve. The company shares expertise in developing personalized digital experiences within the beauty, skin and wellness space.

“Even before the pandemic hit, we recognized a growing demand for personalized, high-level digital brand experiences and a need to help our partners serve their customers across all channels,” Sampo Parkkinen, CEO and founder at Revieve, tells PersonalCareInsights.

“During the pandemic, we also recognized that brands and retailers desire to create more meaningful customer engagement, leading to higher post-purchase retention and customer satisfaction. In this way, we noticed how likely consumers are to buy from brands or retailers that provide enterprise-grade artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) powered solutions.”

The partnership allows Duolab to enable Revieve’s Health-Beauty-Wellness Platform and its AI Skincare Advisor. The company says that it combines computer vision algorithms and statistical methods, with more than 200 sub-metrics measured and 20 main metrics analyzed.

Pandemic-influenced shifts
Parkkinen shares that the pandemic sparked a growing appetite for information among highly engaged beauty consumers who have become more tech-savvy and are willing to dive deeper into skincare education to choose what’s necessary and best for them.

By Venya Patel – 09 Jun 2022

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