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Labskin used in combination with Mass Spectrometry Imaging in drug delivery studies

19 November 2015

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Innovenn are delighted to announce they have established in-house testing services based around their Labskin research-grade living skin equivalent model in combination with Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MALDI-MSI) technology.

This allows Labskin to be used in both targeted and untargeted drug delivery studies without the need for radio or fluorescence labelling.

Sections for analysis are first coated with a material which helps the detection of compounds present. The MALDI instrument then fires a laser across the sample in a set pattern. Each time the laser fires the compounds are taken up from the sample and enter a mass spectrometer. This instrument determines the mass/charge ratios (m/z) of species present. Software is then used to map the distribution of each detected species across the sample. The combination of MALDI-MSI and Labskin, along with our existing capabilities in Microbiology, Histology and Skin Physiology significantly increase the versatility of Labskin as a value-added research platform.

Innovenn’s skin science division combines our novel advanced living skin model and clinical testing to offer a complete service for the development of skin care products and their ingredients. Our aim is to assist in the discovery of products which actually work within the cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceutical and medical device sectors. Innovenn’s skin science division is built on a strong heritage of internationally-respected research and expertise.

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