How are the Innovations of the Evaluation Field Answering Today’s Challenges of the Beauty Industry? Podcast of the in-cosmetics Global Keynotes

6 May 2022

This webinar, organised in collaboration with in-cosmetics Global,  took place on April 14th 2022

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Who were the Testing & Lab Zone Exhibitors*?

(* Including the exhibitors of other zones on the show, France, Brazil, Spain…)


3 topics were developed during the webinar

Part 1: Wellbeing | Clean Beauty | Skin and Hair Friendly

Part 2: Proof & Evidence | Digital Experience | Nomad Testing

Part 3: Haircare | Inclusivity


Part 1: Wellbeing | Clean Beauty | Skin and Hair Friendly


  • Packaging: Content-Container Interaction, Biodegradability
  • Allergens
  • Nano Materials: Molecules analysis, 57 allergens by Intertek (Bio Basic, Innovapotek, Mérieux NutriSciences, QACS, Eurofins, Zurko Research, Intertek)
  • Silicone & Foundation: Smart Pore by Microfactory
  • Endocrin disruptors: Estrogenic/Androgenic/Thuroid Activities (Laboratoire Watchfrog)
  • Vegan testing: Irritation Safety, Challenge Tests (QACS)

Neurocosmetics & Sensory Analysis

  • Physiological evaluation: heart rate, conductance…
  • Psychological: unconscious perception, questionnaire, emotional…)
  • Behavioral: facial expression and gestures….
  • Multi-criteria analysis to assess the effect of the application of a product on the perception and feeling of the subjects
  • Drop Angle Meter DM 300 (Courage & Khazaka)


  • In-vitro sensitive skin models (Dermatest)
  • ex-vivo function and hydration (Syntivia)
  • Wound healing assesment CytoSmart (PK derm)
  • Oxidation cell assays (Anti Oxidant Power)


  • Photoprotective effect against Visible and Blue Light (Eurofins)
  • Live cell efficacy tests & complete antioxydant profile (Anti Oxidant Power)
  • Pollution Chamber (proderm, CIDP, Dermatest, Ellead, Laboratoire Bio-EC)


  • Proetomics, Metagenomics (Phylogene, Quima Life Science)
  • Microbial strains adhesion (Glycodiag)
  • Swabbing and Stripping assays (QACS, Dr Goya, Intertek, Eurofins)
  • MicroBIOS93 biomarkers (StratiCELL)


Part 2: Proof & Evidence | Digital Experience | Nomad Testing


  • Dynaskin-2 by Eotech: contactless (Dermatech, Intertek, Eurofins, proderm, IEC, Zurko Research)
  • Ballistometer by Dia-stron: no gravity (SGS, IEC, Ellead)
  • Skinflex by Orion Concept


Barrier Function: Hydration Imaging and TEWL Analysis

  • Epsilon Dermalyser (Biox)
  • VisioScan (Courage & Khazaka)
  • TEWL: Tewameter TM Hex: Open Chamber (Courage & Khazaka)


Skin Structure: Ultrasound & Scanner

  • Ultrasound (Cortex Technology)
  • Vivascope (Vivascope)
  • Ramanspectrometry (RiverD)
  • LC-OCT


2D – 3D Imaging: Skin Surface & Data acquisition

  • Antera 3D by Miravex
  • Photo Before & After by Validated Claim Support
  • Visia CR New generation by Validated Claim Support
  • C-Cube by Pixience
  • ColorFace by Newtone
  • EyelashCam version by Newtone
  • HeadScan Dynamic by Orion Concept (Intertek, Dermatech)

Data Analysis: Software.IA

  • Specific services
  • Data treatment
  • Images analysis
  • Scientific marketing

Nomad Testing

  • Homelab Selfie (IEC, CIDP)

In-vitro & in-vivo: some specificities

  • Skin cell metabolism
  • Collagen Network
  • In-vitro & in-vivo validation
  • Immunocytochemistry/Immunohistochemistry
  • Sweat resistance

Sun protection: in-vitro & in-vivo evaluation

  • Hybrid method to be validated 23.675
  • New in Vitro Sand-resistance method
  • Sweat resistance


Part 3: Haircare | Inclusivity

in-vitro & ex-vivo

  • Hair 3D models (Monasterium Laboratory)
  • Electron Microscopy (CTC, ISPE)

in-vivo – Stands & Locks

  • Combing by Dia-stron
  • Scalp by Pixience
  • Confocal Raman spectroscopy on Scalp by RiverD
  • Epidermis thickness: LC-OCT
  • Scalp dryness: NMF and barrier lipids
  • Hair damage: disulfid bonds


In conclusion

Skin Ecosystem and the Interconnectivity of the Testing Sector

Specific presentation of each of the Boost Your Test


PhD Trials: on demand; contact

Monasterium Laboratory: Access their presentation here

CIDP: on demand; contact

QACS: Access their presentation here

Miravex: Access their presentation here

Complife: on demand; contact

Orion Concept: Access their presentation here

Validated Claim Support: on demand; contact


Find the entire presentation here

by Anne Charpentier – on April 14th 2022

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