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The cyberDERM RG1 Evaporimeter: state of the art in computerized skin evaporimetry.

13 March 2016

The cyberDERM RG1 Evaporimeter is a research grade instrument that is clearly the state of the art in computerized evaporimetry. It is an open-chamber device based on the time proven vapor pressure gradient estimation method pioneered by Gert Nilsson. It utilizes the same TEWL probe that Cortex Technology produces for their DermaLab, but the cyberDERM control unit and associated software greatly enhances its performance.

No additional modules are required for the cyberDERM RG1 Evaporimeter to be used as either a single probe or dual probe instrument. Power is provided through the USB interface, which means that it can be completely portable when used with a laptop. Moreover, the on board power supply has been upgraded so that the operating voltages for all of the system components are regulated to much closer tolerances regardless of the input voltage. Changes in sensor voltage related to temperature, relative humidity are now digitized by a 12-bit ADC that is directly interfaced to the PC where water flux rates can be determined in near real time. Both steady state and dynamic measurements can be readily performed and graphically displayed and/or electronically recorded depending upon various choices made by the operator. Remote monitoring through the Internet is also possible.

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