Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Slimming Products through Consumer Testing by Syres

18 December 2022

The slimming and anti-dimpling effects of the products can be assessed in a relevant way through consumer tests.

They offer tailor-made protocols according to their clients’ objectives. A self-assessment by the volunteers can be coupled with a visual evaluation of the dimples by their study managers (specific scale with photos).

Hemi body studies may allow a comparative study of two formulas or two methods of application.

Here is the protocol of a study They recently carried out on a slimming treatment.

60 women participated in this study over 56 days.


Panel features

  • All volunteers with BMI between 22 and 25.
  • Volunteers aged 20 to 60
  • Habitual users of such products Women prone to cellulite problems and dimpling and looking for an anti-cellulite/slimming result.


The volunteers used a slimming treatment according to an explained massage protocol, for 56 days, morning and evening, without and with hemi body accessory (right/left randomization).


The volunteers came to the center at T0, T28 and T56 days for

  • An evaluation of the intensity of the dimples on each thigh was carried out by their researcher thanks to a visual scale at these three study times.
  • Photos were taken of the same area at the three study times.
  • An assessment of the intensity of the pinching pain on each thigh was carried out in self-assessment by the volunteers at the three study times.
  • Self-assessment questionnaires were completed all three study stages by the volunteers.


The main results of the study showed that:

  • The application and the texture of the product is an important aspect for women (sticky, greasy, penetration and felt during massage, the product must blend into the skin).
  • The notion of perfume is not essential, but they expect a pleasant scent that they want to enjoy if possible.
  • The recommended 10-minute massage protocol, although restrictive, allows women to rediscover their skin and see it change more significantly as they go along.
  • Women are delighted to use a product with an accessory because they feel that it makes the circulation work more and the massage is more effective than with the hands.
  • The effectiveness of the slimming treatment on the anti-dimpling effect is significant over 56 days of study (more than 80% of favorable opinions), with or without accessory. The use of the accessory increased the effectiveness in self-assessment (+10%).
  • The accessory group noticed a significant result on firmness (89%) and smoother skin appearance (92%).
  • The accessory-free group rated immediate skin softness (88%) and over time (95%) as well as smoother skin (89%).


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