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C-Cube image in Ultra HD

picto_hd High Definition Image

At the height of technological advancement, the C-Cube dermoscope offers you an unheard of Ultra HD image (10 Megapixels). At this resolution you have the possibility of exploring the finest details of the skin like never before. Thanks to the factory setting done by our experts, your images will have optimal image clarity and sharpness.

picto_hdCalibrated Colors

The C-Cube dermoscope is remarkable due to its color calibration process giving you unparalleled realism and reproducibility of images. It is the pioneer of equipment using technology ahead of its time. With more than 10 years of R&D, it gives you:

Perfect replication of your colors.

Consistency between images.

Standardization of your dermoscopic images opens up the possibility to calculations of criteria for characterization of your lesions.

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Metric Calibration

Calibrated by our experts, the C-Cube dermoscope simplifies your work. It’s no longer necessary to introduce a metric reference in your images. The precision of its calibration lets you take and retake measurements easily. The metric calibration is much more reliable for measuring, allowing for a superior assessment of the progression of lesions.

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