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31 August 2015

The Multi Probe Adapter System is modular. It consists of a basic device and the probes. The user chooses a basic device meeting his requirements. The probes are digital and all calibration data are inside and therefore they can be connected to any of them. The different probes can also be used with stand-alone devices (Multi Display Device MDD) independently or as wireless probes which transmit the measurement values directly into software.

Advantages of the MPA System

  • Measurement system exactly suitable for your needs and can be enlarged as you go along.
  • The probes provide a high degree of flexibility and stability and can be easily serviced.
  • The MPA system is operated with an overall C+K software.
  • With a check calibration function the accuracy of the probes can be verified any time. The result can be saved and printed for your documentation.
  • The data from the ambient condition sensor RHT 100 are saved with the measurements.
  • All future C+K probes will be compatible with this system.

Which probes can be connected?

Select a basic system and work with the following probes:

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