Non-invasive multiphoton tomography of human skin by DermaInspect from Jenlab

22 July 2015

In vivo optical biopsies with subcellular spatial resolution based on near infrared  femtosecond laser technology for:
• Diagnostics of dermatological disorders
• Melanoma detection
• Tissue engineering
• Cosmetic research
• In situ drug monitoring
• Intratissue imaging of pharmaceutical

DermaInspect® is a novel imaging device which pro
– vides non-invasive in vivo optical biopsies of skin with ultrahigh subcellular resolution. The 1M class system uses a femtosecond laser beam for multiphoton ex
– citation of biomolecules like NAD(P)H, flavins, por
– phyrins, elastin, and melanin. The extracellular matrix element collagen is imaged by its second harmonic generation (SHG). Autofluorescence and SHG signals are recorded by fast PMT detectors.
The system consists of a compact, turn-key tunable femtosecond near infrared (NIR) laser, a beam scan
– ning module with galvoscanners and piezo driven optics, a PMT detector module as well as a control unit including JenLab Image software for 3D, 4D and 5D image processing.

DermaInspect documentation

JENLAB Website


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