Cosmetotest Symposium on Preclinical and Clinical Testing for the Beauty Industry – 24-26 May 2023 – Lyon

24 May 2023

Cosmetotest Symposium

on Preclinical and Clinical Tests for Dermocosmetics

24-25-26 May 2023

SEPR – 46 Pr Rochaix – Lyon 69003 – France




Cosmetotest 2023 opens up to imaging and biometrology and addresses new themes.

For its second edition, which will take place from May 24 to 26, 2023, the symposium dedicated to cosmetic testing plans an additional day on imaging and biometrology in association with the SF2iC*. 55 lectures and presentations will address new topics during these 3 days, at SEPR in Lyon, France.

Organised by SKINOBS and COSMET’IN LYON in partnership with SFI2C and DIIP and with the support of the AURA region and the Cosmebooste project, COSMETOTEST allows cosmeticians from all over the world to listen to academic and applied conferences and interact with participants, to meet testing partners, exhibitors, CROs or instrumentation manufacturers and to participate in equipment demonstrations.
250 participants, 46 speakers and 30 exhibitors contributed to the success of the first edition of COSMETOTEST, on 24 and 25 May 2022, unanimously recognised by specialists in the profession for its quality and its excellent technological and scientific level of expertise.
In 2023, the SF2iC* will shed a particular light on facial exploration tools and new home routines, whether they be skin measurement devices or cosmetic care devices, at home.

During these 3 days, 55 conferences and presentations will address new and innovative themes on clinical tests – Well-aging and mature skin, Hair and nail growth and regeneration, Evaluation of acne-prone skin – and on preclinical tests – Place of organoids, spheroids and organ-on-chip in dermocosmetics, Evaluation of endocrine disruptors, Parallel in-vitro and in-vivo tests. Also to be noted is the intervention of a Social Beauty Therapist on the role of a social beautician in the care and well-being of vulnerable people.

Two convivial highlights are planned for the evening: SF2iC* will celebrate its twentieth anniversary at a Gala on Wednesday 24 May and a cocktail party will bring together the participants on Thursday 25 May.

*French-speaking Society of Skin Engineering and Imaging



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Access the whole program

Program Cosmetotest 2023

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Wednesday 24th May – 9 am to 5 pm: SFI2C Day (Société Francophone d’Imagerie et d’Ingénierie Cutanée)*
* Les conférences du 24/05 sont en français avec une traduction simultanée

  • Session 1: Cosmetics treatment and home devices
  • Session 2: Skin diagnostic and home devices
  • Session 3: Skin exploration
  • Gala dinner: at 7 pm

Thursday 25th May – 8.30 am to 6 pm: Cosmetotest Clinical Day

  • Session 1: Well-aging and mature Skin
  • Session 2: Growth and regeneration of hair and nails
  • Session 3: Evaluation of prone to acne skin
  • Free cocktail: 6 pm to 8 pm

Friday 26th May – 8 am to 4.30 pm: Cosmetotest Preclinical Day

  • Session 1: Endocrine disruptors evaluation
  • Session 2: The place of organoids, spheroids, and organ-on-chips in dermocosmetics
  • Session 3: Parallel of in-vitro and in-vivo testing






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Watch the video of the latest Edition that has gathered 250 attendees, 46 lectures and 30 exhibitors : Click here

Read the Synthesis of Cosmetotest 2022: Cosmetotest-2022-Synthesis

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