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Anti-ageing efficacy, an expert investigation of the skin by l’IEC

8 July 2015

In the field of clinical efficacy studies, topics related to the lightening effect on pigmentation spots and anti-aging effects are still of interest for the developments in France but especially in Asia. With its experience in ultrasound measurements, IEC offers sophisticated investigations of the skin with a 3D 50 MHZ probe (Dermcup, Atys Medical).

This ultrasonographic technique, of high resolution, allows the acquisition of images in real time at a frequency of 10 frames per second, detecting objects in the order of 50 microns and quantifying density and entropy of echogenic structures by image analysis using dedicated high-performance software in collaboration with Orion Concept. These parameters reflect the density, homogeneity and texture of the dermis, and are often associated with measuring the Seneb (Sub Epidermal Not echogenic Band).

This Seneb corresponds to a sub-epidermal zone showing no echogenic structures in this region of the upper dermis, and increase with age and UV exposure. These ultrasound techniques thus illustrate and objectively quantify the effects on skin aging and photo-aging signs of anti-aging, restructuring and redensifying products.

To complete the assessment of anti-aging products, IEC offers a 3D high-resolution facial measurement with AEVA-HE Breuckmann-Eotech system equipped with two 5 megapixel cameras also allowing to recover the color texture of the skin.

Using this technique, the evaluation of products is not only based on the relief of wrinkles, but on a global approach to the aging signs: wrinkles, furrows, facial contours and curvatures for which specific algorithms have recently been developed by Orion-Concept and Eotech companies for a study with IEC in 157 women aged 20 to 70 years, whose results were presented at the IFSCC 2014 (IFSCC 2014, Paris, poster No. 033, Curvatures and lines: innovative 3-dimensional measures of aging signs, in relation with age, skin types, photo-types and internal or external other factors).


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