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HD-SPREADMASTER the cream spreading Robot for reliable in-vitro UV testing by HelioScreen

12 November 2015

In fact, it is well-known that the human product spreading on the plate is always submitted to a natural fluctuation even if all several keys parameters are controlled. Clearly, we need a new way for spreading which allows mastering movements and pressure. The ideal solution is a robot.
As a forerunner in the field of In Vitro UV testing, HelioScreen’s R&D team is pleased to show off its news innovation to control product spreading on plate: the HD-SPREADMASTER.

By means of this appliance which performs automated spreading, reliability of In Vitro methods is drastically improved compared to human spreading as demonstrated in a recent study [2]. Some results of improvement of repeatability and reproducibility are presented in the following paper.

This new appliance can be seen as the innovation of the year for In Vitro UV testing . The HD-SPREADMASTER changes the way of thinking about product spreading.

Discover new spreading method by means of the HD-SPREADMASTER



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