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Objectivation of Lightening Effect by IEC

2 September 2015

For the objectification of lightening effect of cosmetics on pigmentation spots, in addition to standard spectrocolorimetric analyzes, IEC confirms the major interest of SIAscope ™ Astron / MedX (Matts et al, British Journal of Dermatology 2007) located in 4 of its laboratories since 2008: France, Singapore, China and South Africa. This unit allows to directly quantify the effect on spot pigmentation by analyzing the transmitted light in the skin layers and the specific wavelengths of 3 chromophores of which melanin. An excellent measuring tool confirms Etienne CAMEL, President of IEC, which quantifies with an extreme precision and reproducibility the intensity of pigmentation spot, its surface, its contours and other parameters obtained by spectral analysis of melanic plans; it is also an illustrative tool that provides color photographs of very high resolution which ensures at the same time control of each acquisition, important Quality guarantee to confirm the perfect validity of a study.

IEC.SIAscope 2


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