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A global regulatory overview of the skin care market – what you need to know by Alain Kahiat and Michelle Yeomans

12 June 2015

New York – 2015-06-24 10:15 AM – Organized by Cosmetics Design.

Skincare ingredients – Online Event – June 24

Industry veteran Dr. Khaiat will give an overview of regulatory guidelines in Europe, the US and Asia, and an update on any new requirements. During the session we’ll also look at the use of natural and organic oils or indeed multi-functional products regarding any additional/special requirements.


Event Overview

The ever-changing skin care segment is the cosmetics industry’s largest, and with break-neck growth in emerging markets, alongside continuing demand for natural and anti-aging products in developed markets, there are big rewards for those who can capture the imagination of these consumers.

Although continuous innovation is key to staying on top, this is increasingly challenging in a category that prides itself on being the most technologically advanced and fastest moving in the beauty industry.

With research so vast and in-depth, tackling the challenges of sustainability, regulatory compliance, and formulation in finished products are all vital for future success.
In this, the fifth successive Cosmetics Design online event, we bring you the latest consumer and market insights, scientific developments and technical innovations in the Skin Care Ingredients space.

Who should attend?

SkinCareIngredients2015 targets skin care and cosmetics R&D professionals, scientists, marketers, brand owners and formulators with an active involvement in the creation of skin care products.