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Labskin Skin equivalent : Innovenn expands its product line and ships to the US

1 July 2015

24th March 2015 .

Innovenn, the skin science division of Venn Life Sciences, today announced the extension of its product line with the production of 12 well-plates of the research grade human skin equivalent, Labskin. Labskin has traditionally been produced in 6 well-plates assays with unique qualities such as its ability to support microflora, improved barrier function and longer test window, positioning it as a world leader in the area of skin science research.

The 6 well-plate provides a large area of skin for those requiring easy manipulation, application and sampling. It is ideally suited to large scale samples, repeated sampling and application protocols. In contrast the new 12 well-plates provide the same quality product but in a smaller format for study designs requiring additional technical and biological replicates. It allows Labskin to target a bigger market.

Labskin has established its utility in the cosmetic and dermatological skin research industries with key opinion leaders championing it as a viable alternative to testing products on human or animal skin. The European Union implemented a complete ban on animal testing for cosmetics in March 2013.

This ban has led to the market seeking out viable and reliable alternatives for a host of different cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. InnoVenn has also recently launched its United States service, shipping to a leading cosmetics, personal care and chemical testing group in Michigan who are carrying out tests to measure skin metabolism in different environments. Commenting on the recent advancements in product development and global reach, Innovenn MD, Declan Service said

‘Labskin continues to break barriers in terms of its capacity to replicate human skin and colonise microflora. Our customer base has extended to international skin science companies along with a host of universities seeking to change the way research is carried out and we are looking forward to bringing Labskin to a global audience.’



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About InnoVenn
InnoVenn is a market development accelerator dedicated to rapidly commercialising proven scientific breakthroughs in the form of products and technologies primarily in Skin Science. These include Labskin the breakthrough research grade human skin testing platform as well as the clinically proven Blemish Control Technology for the professional skincare market. For more information on Innovenn, visit