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PROVISKIN: D-Skin, new patented diffusion cell for cutaneous absorption testing – COSMETIC 360°

23 October 2015

PROVISKIN is a private company, spined-out from the research departement of the dermatology services of the Besancon’s Hospital and the University of Franche-Comté. Our developped products for ex-vivo testing comes from years of research in laboratories.

Through its produts and expertise, PROVISKIN has one goal: make ex vivo testing more reliable and efficient for our clients. As of today, our team is composed of 5 specialists in ex-vivo testing and chromatography analysis. We work mainly for cosmetic, medical, and veterinary companies across Europe. In addition of our team, PROVISKIN has set up a scientific committee to help in the review of protocols and validate the research on in-house products.

Cosmetics and toxicology laboratories are constantly looking for solutions to increase the sensitivity and productivity of their studies.

To answer customer expectations, PROVISKIN provides:

– A range of services for outsourcing test (percutaneous absorption tests,  effectiveness test, skin irritation test , HPLC quantification)

– Our diffusion cell patented D-Skin  

PROVISKIN  offers a range of services (in vitro tests according to OECD Guidelines, molecule screening, HPLC analysis, consulting pharmacokinetics and dermatology) for the outsourcing of tests, studies and consultancy on behalf of your laboratory.

Our company has a recognized expertise and skills to carry any protocol related to your business. With its network, in vitro studies conducted within PROVISKIN using human skin explants may be fresh or frozen depending on the desired characteristics.

D-Skin Diffusion cell : for high quality and completely representative studies


PROVISKIN also provides protocol development for skin permeation tests recreating real conditions of use of your products using the D-Skin cell. Developed in partnership with Franche-Comté’s regional university hospital and Centre for Studies and Research on tegument (CERT), D-skin is a patented multifunctional diffusion cell. It allows exogenous factors to be taken into account, which up until now have been overlooked in percutaneous absorption studies: the impact of humidity rates and external temperatures, as well as movement simulation through automating physical constraints (e.g. massage and friction). The D-Skin cell can also be studied in a controlled atmosphere with a mixture of gazes (e.g. CO2, O2 and N2).

The principle of D-Skin diffusion cell has been demonstrated and validated during hospital-based studies and has been published in Skin Research and Technology newspaper in 2014. (Lboutounne et al. 2014) .