FOCUS-Live: Digital clinical image analysis for moisturization evaluation and innovative data mapping by Newtone Technologies

17 May 2022

Newtone Technologies brings new solutions for skin roughness and skin surface pattern parameters measurement using digital 2D and 3D image analysis, with a high resolution connected camera and dedicated visualization and analysis software suites.

Lightweight and nomadic, the SkinCam is connected in real time and allows online image analysis. It enables live image analysis and live remote access to image visualisation and quality control.

For lab or « at home » body skin moisturizing effect follow up, on a clinically compatible skin area of 2 cm in diameter, the SkinCam device and websites delivers 2D and 3D images together with objective quantitative data of the skin surface pattern and roughness.

Newtone Technologies also developped well known « colour mapping » solutions to valorize visually the benefit of moisturizing products to the face or body skin. Some examples and new approaches will be presented.


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Solène Trevisan

Clinical Image Analysis Pole Manager


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